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Publié le : 06 juin 2024

First of all, a brief introduction is in order. The hotel***Restaurant Solenca was created in 1987 by a man who was convinced that Nogaro would be ‘The place to be’ in the world of motor racing thanks to the Paul Armagnac circuit. This story lasted 6 years. It was then bought by a tourism professional who made the Hôtel***Restaurant Solenca a must for group holidays.


Now let's talk about the present! Roxana Amiot and Jean-Jacques Farbos have been the new owners since April 2023, marking a major change for the establishment. Here's a quick look at their unusual career path!

Roxana is 38 years old and was born in Romania. She worked in several tourism jobs there, but love brought her to France. She joined the Solenca in 2013 as a receptionist, then manager, then director and finally, in April 2023, owner! What a climb!

As for Jean-Jacques, he's a native of the region, attached to its culture and heritage. School was not his strong point, but he certainly had a real sense of business. He began his career as a company director with a nightclub, but then he realised that the Gers is the home of ducks, so he decided to go into the food industry! What a great idea! He quickly became the departmental reference in the field. But then he met Roxana and a new adventure opened up for him, the Solenca.

And here we are! All that's left for me to do is to introduce you to our establishment, our proposals, our projects and, of course, our staff.


We're a hotel***restaurant in Nogaro in the Gers, but you've got that right!The hotel has 49 rooms, three seminar rooms and two restaurant rooms.We can accommodate up to 300 people for all types of event.In the restaurant, we have a team of 5 cooks, including the chef who, thanks to his varied career in a number of different establishments, shares his know-how and insatiable taste for working with fresh, local produce.One thing's for sure, at Restaurant Solenca you'll be travelling right to the heart of our land and culture.With the ‘Tables du Gers’ label, we are once again demonstrating our commitment to ‘sustainable’ catering.

As far as group holidays are concerned, we've divided everything up into segments. So I'm going to explain them to you.

To begin with, we have tourism, which concerns travel agencies, coach operators, retirement clubs and groups of friends.We offer package holidays including full board with drinks, visits, a guide, a Gascon dinner, a gastronomic dinner, a folklore evening, a welcome aperitif and a welcome gift.The best part of our holidays is without doubt the meetings with our service providers.You'll leave feeling more Gascon than a real Gascon!

The second segment is for collectors and classic car clubs!Based on the same principle as the ‘tourism’ packages, we've adapted the offer for enthusiasts of driving!As well as the touring pack, we're adding a roadbook and a number plate for each crew. The clubs love to ride on our steep, charming roads.

Hiking and cycle-touring friends, it's now your turn!This is your paradise! Trails and roads in the heart of the fields, in the vineyards on our famous pitares (small hills).We offer tailor-made holidays, with or without visits, full board or half board, the choice is yours!And finally, seminars and team-building.Thanks to our three fully-equipped seminar rooms, we can turn your meeting into a bonding experience, with around forty activities on offer for your staff.

Let's take a look at our tour providers!Meet Jean, owner of a Ganadéria, an essential part of local culture.
Thanks to our three fully-equipped seminar rooms, we can turn your meeting into a bonding experience, with around forty activities on offer for your staff.

Let's get back to our tour providers!
Meet Jean, owner of a Ganadéria, an essential part of local culture.The cows are bred for the Landes race, but there's no question of killing them, as here the cows have a career!Jean is a colourful character who will draw you into his world with laughter from start to finish. Then there's Roland, the passionate winegrower.Take a stroll through his cellars and discover all the secrets behind the creation of our local gold, Armagnac.Let's finish our tour at Pierre-Marie's. He's the duck specialist! From the nursery to the cannery, he'll make you understand and savour the great taste of the Gers!

Let's move on to sustainable tourism. We've been involved in sustainable tourism for many years now, and with our European eco-label and ATD membership, we've just gone one step further by equipping our establishment with an ozonated water plant for all our cleaning.

We had laboratory tests carried out to check that the surfaces were properly cleaned and disinfected, and the results were indisputable.
The ecolabel-certified products we used to use were rated at 2/3, and we've now achieved the excellent rating of 3/3 with ozonated water.

Our chambermaids and the rest of our staff use it every day and are delighted: no more toxins, no more odours, no more detergents or allergies, everyone is delighted.

After 3 months of use, the results have exceeded our expectations in terms of both ecology and savings.

I then go on to introduce the Solenca team, 16 year-round employees whom we would like to thank.2 owners Roxana and Jean-Jacques, 1 executive assistant Sandie, 2 sales assistants Candy and Michael, 1 chef de cuisine Julien, 2 cooks Guillaume and Luis, 2 apprentices Pierre-Maël and Noah, 3 receptionists Camille, Jade and Nicolas, 2 waitresses Amandine and Emilie, 3 chambermaids Brigitte, Ana and Maryse.

And finally, let's talk about the future and our plans.
In the short term, we're planning several exhibitions featuring local artists, as well as concerts throughout the summer by the pool with meals prepared in the brazier.

Our local beer supplier will also be hosting one of our evenings with tastings.

And what about the long term, you might ask? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret: we're currently planning and working on plans to redo the reception, restaurant, bar and terrace! Follow us on our social networks to see how the news is progressing!

The entire Solenca team looks forward to welcoming you to the Gers experience!

Adischatz !



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