Why Join?

Why Join?

Charmhotel is a hotel group, but above all it's a state of mind: members who want to share, get involved, enhance their region, promote their business, optimise their development and enhance their image.

The Charmhotel Hoteliers Restaurateurs are joining forces to optimise their time, performance and budget. They join forces without losing their individual identities.

Joining Charmhotel means becoming part of a network of independent hotel-restaurants united by a taste for authenticity and a passion for their profession.

« We're pooling our strengths and working independently as a team. »

Why join our hotel group?

  • Staying independent without being isolated
  • To be the sole point of reference for a tourist region
  • Benefit from sales and marketing expertise
  • Pool costs and decide collectively on the budgets corresponding to the contributions (each hotel takes part in the economic management)
  • Boosting your Groups offering
  • Sharing best practice in the hotel and restaurant industry
  • Develop your reputation and visibility
  • Outsource sales, marketing and communication activities to focus exclusively on your core business
  • Increase occupancy rates
  • Be part of a network of passionate and committed experts
  • Offering package deals
  • Promote the hotel-restaurant to all tourism professionals and clubs with a variety of activities and themes
  • Access to the most effective communication channels
  • Benefit from approved partners

The vocation of Charmhotel

The group aims to represent each tourist region through authentic and charming hotel-restaurants. These are unique places to stay with a local flavour, offering tailor-made holidays to customers (individuals, businesses or groups).

Charmhotel in figures

  • 1 dedicated sales representative
  • 36 years' experience
  • Group sales of €6 million
  • 5,200 professional and association contacts
  • Management of an average of 400 holiday projects per year

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« You have the charm, we have the know-how »

The group's missions: what is the membership fee used for?

  • Commercial mission
    A dedicated professional is responsible for developing the loyalty of tourism professionals and associations, and canvassing group targets in France, Europe and Quebec through our partner "Sentiers du Monde".
    The sales representative monitors all sales, marketing and communication activities. He acts as a link between all the members and federates them around common projects. He is also a single point of contact for special requests or problems.

  • Marketing and communications
    Every year, Charmhotel creates a group brochure and distributes it to more than 15,000 professionals in France and Europe, associations and clubs of all kinds. This brochure lists all our hotel-restaurants and suggests typical breaks according to region and theme.
    Charmhotel designs in-house media and documents dedicated to affinity targets.

  • Digital marketing mission
    Pooling the contacts of all members multiplies the visibility of establishments and significantly increases their customer portfolio.
    Charmhotel is working to diversify its target groups in response to market trends.
    An annual newsletter programme, website management and social networking activities are also managed by the hotel group.

  • Events
    Every year, Charmhotel takes part in the IFTM-TOP RESA, as well as other trade fairs (car, hiking, coach, etc.).
    Charmhotel also holds an annual seminar with its general meeting and a workshop.

    The Charmhotel sales representative can also identify the best service providers and help you obtain competitive rates (graphics, printing, media, copywriting, etc.).
« Our development is supported and tailored to enable us to focus fully on our core business and our expertise. »

The guarantee of being part of a group that respects your biases

  • A personalised, friendly welcome in a warm atmosphere
  • The same level of comfort and service to ensure an excellent customer experience
  • Tasty food featuring local, seasonal produce
  • Advice and support for quality tourism holidays


Become the Charmhotel of your region.

Are you a hotelier in Hauts de France, Champagne, Burgundy, in the Lyon-Ain-Beaujolais area, or in Gironde? We want to satisfy our customers who ask us for these regions.

Are you a hotelier in another region not covered? We'd be delighted to get to know you - unexpected encounters are sometimes the best successes, so let's make the most of them!

Future members will share our passion and our vision of the business.

Charmhotel is committed to promoting a single benchmark establishment in each tourist region.

In order to maintain unity in terms of the type of establishment and to provide a regular service to all our customers (tourism professionals, coach operators, associations, clubs, agencies), we are recruiting 3 or 4* hotels, with a minimum of 20 rooms, an integrated restaurant, indoor and outdoor areas, bus parking... and above all an impeccable welcome in a friendly atmosphere!


Steps to becoming the Charmhotel of your region


Let's get to know each other and discuss our different approaches to the profession. A visit to your establishment by one or more of our members will then enable us to work together to validate your integration.

« Charmhotel has saved me a lot of time, so I can now concentrate on the activities that really add value to my business, i.e. hotel and restaurant. Exchanges with members are always fruitful and help to speed up my development. I retain all the benefits of my independence and enjoy the support of a team at all times. »

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