Group holidays for seniors: There's always time for a good time

Publié le : 05 décembre 2022

Seniors are welcome at Charmhotel!

Whether it's the village seniors' club or an association dedicated to a particular activity (sport, art, culture, creativity or leisure), retired people are pampered in our hotel-restaurants. They'll find comfort, relaxation areas, good food and programmes to suit their tastes.

Our establishments offer tailor-made holidays for retired travellers (groups or individuals). These include self-catering accommodation, flexible à la carte packages and all-inclusive holidays for groups.

Synonymous with free time, retirement is an opportunity to travel to other regions, discover activities, local heritage, new landscapes, typical recipes...

Seniors have the opportunity to go away in any season, so they can see the sea in winter or the mountains in summer, and avoid the crowded tourist season.

The benefits of group holidays for seniors

Clubs and associations for the elderly are great places to meet people, go on trips and take part in activities such as bridge, pétanque and yoga.

Stays for retired people offer a well-organised holiday. Transport is generally by bus. Stops and activities are often planned in advance, based on shared interests and the pace of the group. So there's no need to rack your brains to find a destination, work out an itinerary or plan a route. You just let yourself be guided by the well-established organisation, and that's a great thing. During the journey, you can chat with others, read or rest.

Group holidays also represent a major economic advantage. Fares are easier to negotiate for a large number of people, and the freedom to travel at any time of year, which is typical of senior citizens, means that you can take advantage of attractive prices. Coach transport is also inexpensive.

Senior holidaymakers can enjoy their favourite activity with members of their club, or discover new ones on the spot. Local heritage, culture, gastronomy, crafts, flora and fauna, history, customs, events...

Another positive point: the fact that you can leave at any time of year promises absolute peace and quiet, unlike the overcrowded holiday periods.

There are group holidays all over France for retired people: at the water's edge, in the heart of a historic town, in the mountains or in the heart of nature... This is the time to visit, contemplate and, above all, enjoy a good time.

Charmhotel breaks for senior groups

We have accommodation in 16 regions of France, as well as in Quebec. This extensive coverage means you can choose from a wide range of accommodation options (in one or more establishments). All our hotels are equipped with relaxation areas, convivial spaces and good restaurants that celebrate local cuisine and products. What our charming hotels have in common is a love of their profession and a desire to offer a perfect welcome.

Discover our Destinations

Charmhotel offers a range of packages for seniors' clubs and associations:

  • Bed & breakfast
  • Full board
  • Half board
  • Lunch stop (our hoteliers are also restaurateurs, a great idea for your meal breaks! For your driver and your group, a convivial and tasty break is essential before getting back on the road, while respecting the timing).
  • All-inclusive stay

All-inclusive holidays(1) for groups include :

  • Welcome drink
  • Full board (wine with meals, coffee with lunch)
  • Entrance fees for visits mentioned in the programme
  • The accompanying guide
  • Evening entertainment on request

If you want to plan a self-guided holiday, our teams will still be able to advise you on your itineraries and tours, and help you organise your visits and plan your gourmet stops.

Hoteliers know their region like the back of their hand, so don't hesitate to ask.

How do you organise a group holiday for seniors?

Here's the information you need to collect with your club for the perfect group holiday:

  • Selected region(s)
  • Length of journey
  • Travel dates
  • Number of stages
  • Number of people
  • Distances to cover
  • Must-see sites
  • Activities during your stay

2 ways to proceed:

  • Decide on the parameters of your trip first, and then contact your coach operator and driver.
  • Start by contacting your coach operator and your usual driver, and then decide on the trip.

You can choose between transport only (outward journey and return journey) or a complete holiday from the day of departure to the day of arrival. If you don't already have a coach operator, you can contact the carriers individually or use a platform that brings together the different coach operators to make your selection.

Senior travel insurance

Organised trips are subject to insurance, a guarantee of protection. Travelling through an approved agency, coach operator or hotel provides additional cover to travellers' individual insurance policies.

There's no age limit to enjoying yourself, relaxing, having fun and taking in the sights!

Holidays for seniors are tailored to your wishes and your pace. It's a great way to stay active, break the monotony and isolation, meet new people and have a great time. Have a great holiday!

(1) Unless otherwise stated; the personalised quote is always authoritative in terms of guiding, entertainment, drinks, etc...The prices of the holidays are based on the suggested programmes in the brochure. The prices indicated on our price lists correspond to full board + the cost of entrance fees/visits/accompanying guide. Our prices are net, excluding transport, per person based on a double room. For mini groups, please contact us.


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