Coach travel: the advantages of bus holidays for groups

Publié le : 03 octobre 2022

Coach trips offer many benefits. Whatever the nature of the group, whether it's a trip with family, friends, members of a club or an association, coach travel allows you to enjoy each other's company from start to finish.

The bus is also an ecological and economical means of transport. It's easy to get around: there's no need to look up the route, the driver takes care of everything.

Cheaper group holidays: bus travel keeps costs down

Sharing a coach journey represents a significant cost advantage. The calculation is simple: on the basis of 50 people (average capacity of a bus), if you count 13 cars for the journey (assuming that passengers are grouped together), the ratio is quickly made. Between the price of fuel and tolls, you can quickly add up to huge sums. By sharing the journey, you can significantly reduce your holiday budget.

If you compare the price of a coach trip with the price of a plane or train ticket, group travellers win again!

The eco-responsible coach tour for groups

The coach is an environmentally-friendly vehicle, firstly because it allows several people to travel together without taking their own car, and secondly because it is less polluting than other means of transport. Buses consume very little fuel and emit very little carbon dioxide. Many coach operators are now equipped with electric buses, an additional eco-responsible advantage.

Finally, opting for a bus holiday means making a major ecological gesture.

Group coach holidays: the solution for a worry-free holiday

No logistics required! The carrier and/or travel agency take care of everything. Travellers provide all the necessary information: number of people, dates, destinations, stopovers, sightseeing... And they let themselves be driven without any stress. The itinerary and programme are carefully prepared to ensure that the trip goes according to the group's wishes.

During the journey and the stay, the driver knows exactly what to do. Travellers can enjoy the scenery and the conversation. Maximum peace and quiet.

Organised bus travel: transport in comfort!

Autocars Grand Tourisme" are buses designed for long journeys, with optimised equipment and specialised drivers. They are equipped with reclining seats, footrests, toilets, air conditioning, electrical sockets and a free Wi-Fi connection.

You can also add a TV screen, DVD player, microphone, etc.

Hiring a chauffeur-driven bus is therefore also synonymous with well-being and relaxation.

Minibuses and buses adapted to the size of the group

The passenger transport market includes all types of vehicles capable of carrying between 6 and 90 people.

  • The 8-seater van is ideal for short journeys, often acting as a shuttle from one point to another.
  • The minibus can hold 15 to 20 people and is easy to move around thanks to its small size (for squeezing into car parks and narrow streets).
  • The midibus or small coach can seat around forty people.
  • The standard bus has a maximum of 65 seats. There is even a sleeper version for night-time journeys.
  • The double-decker coach can accommodate up to 90 passengers for large groups.

How do you plan your group bus trip?

There are many passenger transport companies, as well as platforms that list all these service providers.

Coach operators can offer "dry transport", i.e. travel only, or a complete holiday with transport included. They draw up their quotes according to the type of holiday and the parameters of the trip:

  • Holidays in France or abroad
  • Distances to cover
  • Number of stages
  • Length of journey
  • Travel dates
  • Number of people

Charmhotel bus trips

Our group of hotels works with a number of coach companies. In fact, each of our establishments can accommodate groups by coach (minimum 50 people).

For all packages (b&b, full board, half board, stop lunch or all-inclusive stay), the driver is taken care of.

Our hotels are suitable for all types of holiday (sporting, cultural, sea or mountain...).

It is also possible to create a stay in stages by staying at several Charmhotel establishments.

Discover our Destinations

For groups, bus holidays are a guarantee of comfortable, peaceful, economical and even environmentally-friendly holidays. All that's left to do is choose your destination and dates. Enjoy your trip!


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