Individual or group cycle tourism: On the trails, by bike

Publié le : 02 octobre 2022

Ecological, sporty, trendy, vintage... Cycling holidays have more than one trick up their sleeves.

Charmhotel offers holidays for cycling enthusiasts. Whether you're on a mountain bike, a road bike or a city bike, whatever your level, walkers or sports enthusiasts can pedal to their heart's content, preparing their routes or totally improvising.

In our hotel-restaurants, everything has been thought of to welcome individual or club cyclists: areas dedicated to 2-wheelers, route advice, organisation of visits, must-see stops...

Travel through one or more regions, staying in hotels that suit your passion for cycling!

The benefits of individual or group cycling holidays

Whatever your level or type of cycling (road, sport, city), a cycling holiday is a great way to pursue your passion or hobby while discovering one or more regions. You can cycle on cycle paths, secret back roads, famous mountain passes, greenways, towpaths, mountain trails, sports routes and famous circuits such as the Tour de France. At the same time, you'll discover fabulous panoramas, local flora and fauna, crafts, heritage, history and culture.

It's also an opportunity to combine several holiday themes (gastronomy, wine, history, nature, etc.).

The ecological advantage is the great strength of cycle tours. Travelling by bike obviously has no impact on the environment, apart from preserving it. On the other hand, the health benefits are legion! It's good for your cardio and your muscles. Remember that pedalling is a gentle physical effort for many parts of the body, with no trauma to the joints.

Running is also about well-being: you can clear your head, take in beautiful scenery and feel more energetic... In short, it's good for your body and your morale.

If you're riding in a group, with club members, friends or family, cycling also gives you a good dose of freedom. Everyone can stop or branch off whenever they like for a few solo pedal strokes.

Cycling holidays are accessible to everyone. All you need is the ability to pedal, whatever your physical strength. In every region, there are easy, affordable trails for beginners. Cycling pros will find just as many routes to enjoy and test their endurance. There are plenty of routes to suit all cyclists.

Cycling allows you to cover long distances at your own pace, avoiding traffic jams. It's also a chance to visit unspoilt places that are inaccessible to vehicles, so less subject to mass tourism.

Cycling in the fresh air allows you to stop and chat whenever you like with locals, other cyclists or even hikers. Cycling, as a common point of interest, can lead you to meet people completely different from your usual circles.

Cycling holidays at Charmhotel: tailor-made holidays

Our group of hotel-restaurants is used to welcoming cyclists from all over the world, whether as couples, families, friends or members of the same club. Our establishments have a large number of rooms to accommodate groups of at least 50 people. They also have areas dedicated to cleaning and bike storage. These areas for parking 2-wheelers are of course secure to protect the equipment you value, which can be worth several thousand euros.

Charmhotel packages are flexible and varied:

  • Bed & breakfast
  • Full board
  • Half board
  • Lunch stage
  • All-inclusive stay

Our accommodation covers 16 French regions as well as Quebec. This geographical diversity means you can discover one or more regions per trip.

Our hotels have been awarded the FFvelo Bonnes Adresses(1) label, which rewards tourism professionals who are committed to welcoming cycle tourists by offering appropriate services.

Discover our Destinations

Our establishments are equipped with relaxation areas, convivial spaces and good tables serving local recipes.

If you wish, hotel and restaurant owners can :

  • Recommend paths, routes, circuits and itineraries (from the simplest to the most challenging)
  • Organise your visits according to your interests
  • Bring your own gourmet food or picnic baskets.

They will share with you their extensive knowledge of the region and their sound advice.

How do you organise your cycling holiday?

Charmhotel's hotel-restaurateurs can help you plan your holiday in cyclo. You can also plan your own getaway.

To do this, you will need to list the following items:

  • Selected region(s)
  • Length of journey
  • Travel dates
  • Number of stages
  • Number of people (for a group)
  • Type of cycling (cyclo, bike, mountain bike)
  • Level of cycling (1 or more levels for a group)
  • Distances to cover
  • Must-see sites

Which bike should you choose for your cycle tour?

If you're looking to hire or buy a bike, here's our selection of the most popular 2-wheel pedal cycles:

  • The cycle touring bike (or travel bike) goes everywhere (roads and tracks) without a problem, and is equipped with front and rear luggage racks. Ideal for cycling holidays on a variety of itineraries.
  • The randonneuse is the emblematic road bicycle of French industry. Practical, fast and easy to handle, it has space for panniers. Its vintage look doesn't spoil anything, quite the opposite in fact.
  • Road/race bikes are designed for speed. It is suitable for concrete roads. The panniers attach directly to the frame. Tour de France atmosphere guaranteed.
  • The VTC (mountain bike) is a hybrid bicycle that adapts to all types of terrain (forest tracks, roads, paths, etc.). It has a rear luggage rack. Perfect for all levels of rider, whatever the route.
  • The cyclo-cross (or Gravel) bike, which straddles the line between the VTC and the randonneuse, is flexible in its use. There's no need to choose between smooth roads and imperfect paths. You can add a pannier to the front and a luggage rack to the rear.
  • Mountain bikes are particularly robust. As its name suggests, it is dedicated to mountain trails. It can be fitted with luggage racks. Set your sights on downhill thrills!
  • The tandem bike carries 2 people pedalling as a duo on the roads. Riding as one - that's what it's all about! The only requirement is that you choose your partner carefully.
  • The recumbent bike: the muscle work differs just as much as the position. It can also be fitted with luggage racks. A three-wheel version is available for easier handling and greater stability. More cumbersome to transport than an upright bike, it is designed for roads and paths with little relief.
  • Electric bikes come in road and sport versions, and have the great advantage of taking you everywhere, whatever your level. Pedal more easily with electric assistance. A holiday with or without effort, the choice is yours!

Ride on famous circuits, exceptional roads or take the back roads, while discovering one or more regions.

After your cycling trip, relax at Charmhotel and enjoy the peace, comfort and tasty food.

Cycling holidays offer a wide range of possibilities: discoveries of all kinds, rare routes, a pace of your own choosing, environmental conservation, physical fitness or challenging yourself...

It's a state of mind: that of suspending time, of experiencing an authentic holiday filled with simple pleasures.

Your body, your morale and the environment will thank you.


(1) "Good addresses" can be found on the Cycle Tourism portal, since 2010.


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